Legislative Priorities

  • Reduce Unnecessary Government Regulation
  • Promote Government Accountability
  • Promote Responsible & Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Preserve Our Rural Heritage
  • Protect the Unborn & Women’s Health
  • Support Second Amendment Freedoms & Responsibilities
  • Support President Trump
  • Support our Military & Veterans

Bill is committed to listening to the community and ensuring government works for the good of the people.

Good Jobs: Right Here, Right Now!

It’s time Perry County stops exporting over 70% of our labor every day.  Bill will find ways to bring good jobs home so we can have good paying jobs without driving an hour each way.  Live here, work here, and retire here!

Eliminate Red Tape

Bill is focused on reducing over-burdening and often over lapping regulations.  His goal is to introduce legislation that would mirror the Trump Administration policy of retracting at least two regulations for every new one enacted.

Government Accountability

Government is already intrusive enough, even when you are trying to do the right thing.  When government agencies become unresponsive, agency leaders must become accountable. Bill will hold government agencies accountable to constituents.

Property Tax Reform

The burden of County and School costs should be distributed across the population and not simply supported by property owners.  However, any change must be “revenue neutral” meaning no means of collecting additional revenue.